Small, Important and Resilient

Small, Important and Resilient

Sometimes the owners of smaller recruitment agencies can feel that what they do is not relevant to the overall industry in which they operate. That they are running a business that has little similarity to the industry’s issues of the day. Nothing can be further from the truth. All the concerns, requirements and obligations of running a business are even more important and relevant as they are usually compressed onto one person – you!

I have often taken a detour to have a look at this building in Western Australia’s wheatbelt, about 200km from Perth. The building known as Australia’s smallest bank is small, important and has shown great resilience. Just like the thousands of smaller recruitment agencies in Australia.

The majority of recruitment businesses in Australia are small. They are the backbone of the industry but don’t often receive enough support or publicity.

Your staff, customers and candidates know you are important for the results you achieve and the economic impact on those around you.

One thing is certain. Those officials who want to check that you are meeting your statutory requirements with regards to the myriad of obligations you face, especially with temp and contract placements, are not concerned about company size. Your responsibility to deal with all aspects of employment are not diminished.

And then there is the risk of surprises or unknown events. Cashflow management, award structures, emergencies (like pandemics), workers compensation and financing can have an impact that is magnified on smaller organisations without the resources to investigate and to then address issues and changes.

Like a bank you need to be safe, secure and dependable. One key to survival is to surround yourself with specialists in critical areas of your business. Talk to Middle Office if you are looking for improvements, cost effectiveness and flexibility in how your contractor payroll and billing is being undertaken.

The Bankwest bank at Shackleton claims to be Australia’s smallest bank. This is a claim that few would argue with. Measuring only 3 metres by 4 metres the bank closed its doors from business for the last time in 1997. Throughout its life, the building has been an Aircraft Observation Post during World War II, a Child Care Centre and the Bank of New South Wales before it finally became known as Bankwest.” (shire of Bruce Rock)

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