Staff Payroll

Staff Payroll

Staff Payroll for Modern Businesses


The increasing complexity and compliance involved with employing people tests even the best leadership teams and the most diligent back office staff.

It is not uncommon for a modern business to have an ever-evolving combination of professional employees, award-level employees, casuals, and contractors. Ensuring pay and other obligations are managed correctly each and every period, over the entire life of the employment relationship, requires navigation through a minefield of complex, confusing and constantly changing obligations.

Middle Office works with you to support and onboard your employees, calculate your payroll, and then provide you with the statutory reporting data and entries for your accounting system.

We are technology agnostic. We use the best system for you and take care of all the setup, the licencing costs, the upgrades, the compliance changes to payroll, the onboarding, the payslips and the interfaces.

Middle Office services are both more flexible and cost effective compared to all the headaches of doing it in-house. The services we offer lend themselves to scale and specialisation, leading to efficiencies and quality. As you know, these payroll processes and employment obligations are getting more complex with every change in legislation and Fair Work Commission rulings.