Recruitment Payroll

Recruitment Payroll

Contractor Payroll and Invoicing for Recruitment Agencies


For recruitment agencies, the processes of onboarding contractors, processing timesheets, invoicing and the control of margins is critical to the success of your business.

This cannot be done effectively in either the front or back office systems; calculation of temp margin is such an important part of your business that it needs to have its own systems and they need to intelligently interface with both front and back office systems.

Middle Office works with you to calculate your payroll, your invoices and your on-costs, and then provide you with the data to upload into your back-office system.

We then provide high quality margin reporting to ensure leaders can manage their business with real performance and productivity data.

We are technology agnostic. On review, we will use what we think is best for you and take care of the setup, the licencing costs, the upgrades, the compliance changes to payroll, the onboarding, the payslips, the invoices and the interfaces.

Middle Office services are both flexible and cost effective compared to in house solutions, especially when software costs are considered. The services we offer lend themselves to scale and specialisation, leading to efficiencies and quality. As recruitment agency owners appreciate, these services are getting more complex with every change handed down by the Fair Work Commission.