About Us

About Us

Middle Office Pty Ltd is an Australian company. The founders have years of experience in local and international businesses.

We formed Middle Office to provide transparent, cost effective solutions that help businesses’ to manage and improve performance, and address the ever-increasing need for employer engagement in the quality and compliance of payroll.

To investigate how Middle Office can assist your organisation with its payroll services contact us now.

Rod Hore is a founding Director of Middle Office.

For over 20 years he has been working with business owners and managers to maximise the value of their organisations, with an emphasis on quality, compliant, profitable outcomes.

+61 419 401 210
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Thomas Taylor is a founding Director of Middle Office.

Well known as a CFO providing guidance to organisations focussed on business growth through business systems and clarity on data that matters.

+61 438 985 662
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Racquel Andersen is a founding Director of Middle Office.

A specialist payroll manager and bookkeeper across services industries, focused on quality, compliance and on-time services for clients.

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